Here we took the demo Digital Visiting Card of Rangnathan one of our Franchisees, for showing the appearance, features, functions of our Digital Visiting Card.
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Your customer, client, freind can perform actions like call, whatsapp, email, sending money, viewing your social media pages, websites, share files etc. in one click

Example : To call you, need to click on . To Save your contact detail automatically to phone, need to click on .

You can also download your Digital Visiting card as pdf file. And can share pdf from whatsapp, email, google drive to anyone, it contains Qr code of your Digital Visiting card at the bottom

You can also download or print your Printable Visiting card, which contains Qr Code that open your Digital Visiting card in your client phone.You card can give this Visiting card to your client, after scanning Qr Code, you can take back, thus you dont need to print thousand of card.

Printable Visiting Card
You can download or print Qr Code, that open your Digital Visiting card in your client phone. And also contains LetMyCard Id of your Digital card, which is useful to open your Digital Visiting card whithout Qr Code. We will discuss about this in 'Flexible Search Bar' section.
Digital Visting card Qr Code

This Qr code helpful in saving your contact detail in your client phone, when he have not internet connection or no data pack, it works as offline, no internet needed.

Digital Visting card Qr Code for download vcf

LetMyCard ave built in Qr Code scanner. No need to install or download Qr Code scanner.

  1. Go to Home Page
  2. Click on the ,located at right side of LetMyCard Search bar.

Done!, scan now.

Flexible Search Bar is really flexible and multi useful, because your clients can view your Digital Visiting card

  1. by Entering your LetMycard Id or
  2. by Entering your Mobile number or
  3. search anything like your name, address, product or service you have mentioned
And also can search service or product from selected location or place eg.
we want to find a photo studio in badami city. enter in search bar 'studio in badami' or studio,badami.

    Steps to Open DVC by ID or Phone No.
  1. Go to Home Page
  2. click on search bar
  3. Digital Visting Search bar
  4. Enter LetMycard Id
  5. Digital Visting search by Id

    Or Mobile number

    Digital Visting search by Mobile No


    Digital Visting card Result
    Steps to search.
  • Same step 1 and 2 as previous
  • Enter search string in Search Bar
  • Digital Visting card Search by keyword


    Digital Visting search result
  • To open Digital Visiting Card, click on one of result

Add custom pages like your Resume,Bio data, Project report anything you like.

Design page in Microsoft word Document, copy then paste in your custom page.

Your custom page is ready to show to all.